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Style & Performance

Amtico Access is perfect for commercial environments with heavy footfalls that want to leave a great impression.

Amtico Access

Amtico Access is a collection which offers the best of both worlds - impactful design with a quality geared towards performance. Not only does Amtico Access comprise some of the most stylish flooring on offer, but these are loose lay floors which are manufactured to be fitted in a short time frame.

The smart business choice

Amtico Access flooring offers a 0.55mm wear layer which is noted for its durability. Fitters have the option of laying this flooring with or without adhesive, and the simple fitting process means there is minimal disruption to everyday work activities. In high-pressure, fast-paced sectors such as office, retail and healthcare, there is no time for installations which can take days and throw everyday tasks off track. But attaining installation speed doesn't mean you should have to compromise on quality; with Amtico Access, you will see that it's possible to benefit from stylish contemporary designs without being tied up in intricate and complex installation processes.

Flexibility and choice

The Amtico Access Collection has been carefully synchronised by the designers, meaning the different styles of flooring can often be combined with each other to great effect, or used as separate expanses of flooring. Amtico Access flooring can be used throughout a property to give a different feel to each room while ensuring a certain style is adhered to. From stone to wooden and abstract; there are no less than 43 designs to choose from in the Amtico Access Collection, giving you the choice to meet the requirements of multiple commercial settings.

Easy to maintain

Another reason why Amtico Access flooring is recognised as such as savvy investment is its simplicity to maintain. This flooring can be installed over the top of raised access flooring, meaning cleaning and everyday care is made as straightforward as possible.

Built to last

You will find that the Amtico Access Collection has been designed with frequent use in testing commercial environments in mind. For this reason, the manufacturer has demonstrated their confidence in the product by offering a ten-year warranty on each purchase, giving you or your client the peace of mind which comes with knowing a safe investment in the future has been made.

Marry with matting

For busy sites which see a large amount of footfall each day, Amtico Access flooring can benefit from a combination with Amtico's Entryway flooring. This is specialised matting which is intended to be used near the entrances and exits of buildings, offering tough abrasion which removes the mud and dirt from the shoes of site occupants, protecting the Amtico Access flooring which covers the rest of a space.

The right flooring for you

You can rely on Amtico Access flooring from FLR Group to provide the perfect match for your site. Whether you are fitting for an educational institution, a creative agency, or a high-street retailer, you can find flooring which ticks all your boxes and will leave site managers singing your praises. Browse through the Amtico Collection today!

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