Amtico Click flooring

An easy-to-fit flooring range.

Amtico Click is a versatile and practical collection that makes no compromise on style and quality. It’s easy to install over underlay and there’s no need for adhesive.

Easy, Smooth Flooring

Wouldn't it be easier if your flooring just clicked into place?

Amtico Click by FLR Group does just that. Alleviating the stress of traditional flooring solutions, all you need to do to implement your stunning floor is place it, click it into position and admire its exceptional quality.

Using adhesive, nails and other tools to get the perfect seamless flooring fit will be a distant memory. The smoothness of Amtico Click's installation makes replacing flooring a pleasure rather than a hassle - and with outstanding results to show for it.

Flooring that isn't just for stepping on

A typical dilemma when it comes to choosing flooring is which material to go for. You know that a wooden floor would look fabulous in your living space, but it may not offer the resistance against wear-and-tear you need. Similarly, stone is an authentic flooring option, but you hate how cold it can get underfoot. On the other hand, vinyl flooring would be a much more practical solution, but may not be your first choice aesthetically.

Amtico Click is the flawless amalgamation of vinyl's practicality with the quality appearance of a wooden or stone floor. The superb versatility of Amtico Click is well-equipped to handle a busy household, without being worn down over time. Whether you want to revamp your bedroom with a contemporary, carpetless feel or your kitchen needs flooring that will withstand its constant foot traffic, Amtico Click's sturdiness in harmony with its beauty is the complete solution.

An answer that clicks into place

With colours and textures that suit a multitude of home décor, Amtico Click's range makes sense for your home. From a delicate White Ash to Wave Slate Black, create a striking floor that enriches the appearance of any room in your home. Whether you prefer a cool, coastal feel to your interior design or you like moody sophistication to represent your space, Amtico Click is the flooring to complete the look you're passionate about.

See for yourself...

To experience what Amtico Click could do for your home, get in touch with us today via our contact page, or visit our showroom to discuss your options further. We're sure that Amtico Click's supreme durability, combined with effortless luxury, is the perfect flooring for any room in any home. A consultation with one of our team members is just a click away.

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