Amtico Decor Collection

Timeless Victorian Style

Amtico Décor is a premium flooring collection that combines the elegance and style with the durable and long-lasting benefits of our premium Signature range.

Sophisticated Flooring

If you're looking for tasteful and sophisticated flooring, Amtico Décor is a premium vinyl flooring collection that may be just right for you.

The collection offers six gorgeous designs to choose from, with each bringing its own unique charm. It's just a case of working out which design you like the most - which is likely to be a hard decision!

Choice of 2 Laying Patterns

Each design is crafted from individually cut and bevelled luxury vinyl tiles. These fit into each other to create two elegant laying patterns.

The Corona Pattern is a Victorian classic, using interlocking blocks of complementary colour to fill the floor space with a vibrant and welcoming motif. Or perhaps you will prefer the contemporary Geo Pattern, which employs a sharp-edged combination of squares and triangles to create a more modern feel. Whichever you choose, each design is offset by characteristic border tiles which are used to add the finishing touch to your new floor.

Floors or Borders

Amtico Décor vinyl flooring can either be used as a main flooring or used to border (and highlight) interior features, such as a fireplace or raised tiling. Because it is crafted from small pieces, this type of flooring is also an ideal choice for any rooms in your home which have lots of nooks and crannies.

Amtico One Partner

At FLR Group, we are pleased to partner with Amtico, as it is a brand known both for durability and for the attractive designs it continues to offer. The premium vinyl it produces truly is a British treasure - both designed and made here. Besides its longevity, it is easy to clean and maintain, which has made it a household favourite for years. Its Amtico Décor range goes beyond even its normal standards of quality - the producer is so proud of it, it has named it one of its 'Signature' collections. For a company with the reputation of Amtico, that's saying a lot.

To find out more about transforming your home with the Amtico Décor Collection, contact us for questions, expert advice or a quote.

We have full size Amtico Décor samples, as well as an interactive room visualiser - so you can see exactly how this flooring could fit in your home before you commit to any decision. But we're sure that once you see, you'll agree with us on its style and quality.

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