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Education Flooring

Finding the right flooring for an education environment can be tricky - after all you need something durable and hard-wearing, but which also inspires your students, and creates a positive learning environment. Amtico Education flooring offers a whole range that is just right for this - forget the tired carpet tiles or the worn down wood flooring, and check out the exciting range of wood, stone, fabric and ceramic tiles available across the traditional and abstract Amtico ranges.

Flooring for School Halls

For your halls or theatres, why not check out the beautiful range of soft and hard woods? Limed Grey Wood or Parisian Pine make a great choice for a light, airy look - and they will stand up to the heavy footfall of near constant use. Vintage Chestnut and Classic Walnut both make excellent choices for a darker, warmer look - and work perfectly in a more traditional building. Their classic simplicity gives a modern twist to your decor, whilst still being perfectly in keeping with a formal learning environment.

Flooring Tiles for Schools

As well as the excellent range of wooden flooring options, the Amtico range also offers a number of different styles of tiles, including from the extensive Amtico Abstract range. If wooden floors aren't appropriate for your hallways or classrooms, why not look at the textured range, like Vertex Indigo? This subtle mix of faded blues and brown lines are crisscrossed across the pale grey tones, giving a clean, textured look. Or, opt for a brighter shade to give your teaching facilities a really lively kick, with the gorgeous red shades of Rio, or clean fresh blues of Pacific or Helsinki. These bright coloured tiles can be used to cover the whole floor, or used to add a vivid splash of colour to a plain brown or grey floor.

Durable Education Flooring

For entryways and hallways, the traditional carpet tile has reached a whole new level with Amtico's Ruffian range. In a series of different, neutral colours, this tough and resiliant range is designed to catch dirt, and stop it being trodden in further in to the building. Perfect for all those muddy shoes, the Ruffian is easy to clean and maintain - making it one less thing for your cleaning and maintenance teams to worry about!

Finally, if you are looking for a really eye-catching statement section of flooring - perhaps to liven up a staircase, or add a touch of sparkle to your reception area, you can check out the range of Fragment flooring, where gold, silver or copper shards are built in to grey backgrounds, to create a stunning flooring range that picks up the light, and makes your education establishment a beautiful place to study.

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