Amtico Form Collection

Authentic Textured Collection

The thicker wear layer of Amtico Form allows for an authentic, textured appearance which will bring charm and intrigue to any space.

Form You Can Rely On

We've all seen them. The granite tiles that sparkle in the showroom of that brand new housing estate. The solid wooden oak panels painstakingly applied in your friend's living room take centre stage.

There's a downside to the glamour. The showroom kitchen does show your reflection, but it doesn't show chips and indents where a saucepan is dropped to the dismay of the new owners a week later. Your friend doesn't tell you that she frantically polishes every wood grain, frets over every spill and banishes her dog from walking in the living room, fearing claw marks and scratches.

Enter Amtico Form. Picture rustic, contemporary designs that work hard to keep up with every day living. Featuring an extensive collection ranging from delicate dove grey ceramic effects to textured polished wooden luxury. Manufactured and designed exclusively in the West Midlands, the Form range allows you to explore elements of elegant design, without compromising on durability and affordability.

30 Year Warranty

To give everyone peace of mind, the Form range retains a 30 year warranty. The 0.7 mm layer design ensures a hard-wearing and comfortable finish for your lifestyle. The rugged material allows for additional design tweaks - experiment with the concept of underfloor heating with the assurance that your flooring will work in perfect harmony with your design.

Exclusive Suppliers

FLR Group in Solihull retain exclusive supply rights to Amtico Form. Our showroom specialists can talk you through sophisticated designs, allowing you to choose from an array of finishes whether you want the chic feel of artisan embossed wood or the modern and luxurious ceramic design. Can't decide? A range of free samples await for your perusal. As exclusive partners with the Amtico brand, our specialists can advise you on any design, fitting and maintenance queries you may have.

FLR Group

With over 30 years of expertise in the flooring industry, FLR Group have been advising, supplying and installing flooring to both large commercial and cozy residential projects - with both durability and a sleek appearance being the key objective. Our state of the art showroom in Solihull can visualise and bring your flooring aspirations to life without sacrificing the expense and stress associated with traditional wooden and ceramic floors. Once you've decided on your new look, our team can arrange worry-free delivery and installation at your convenience.

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