Which Amtico Flooring pattern would best suit your location?

Many of the customers to our Solihull showroom are keen for us to help them create a unique and stylish floor in their home, or elsewhere. As a proud and exclusive retail Amtico One partner, we know that the quality of the products we offer is unmatched. The question we’re eager to discuss with each customer is how best to present these in their chosen location.

We have 12 Amtico floor options, each with its own unique selling point. Watch Technical Director Gary Lloyd discuss these in the video above or read on for a brief description of each:


A popular choice for many years, thanks to its stunning geometric and angular simplicity. Using rich tones, it helps create an elegant and intimate floor pattern. Indeed, the term originates from the French ‘parchet’, meaning ‘a small and enclosed space’.

Basket Weave

This is one of the oldest crafts known across human history. Taking such a traditional and classic interweaving design adds interest and draws attention to the sweeping weaves and enclosed juxtaposition of the blocks.


This takes the parquet design mentioned above, and melds it with this traditional look, to offer a hugely versatile interwoven angularity. Sharp angles meet twisted weaves, often using shades of a single colour, to emphasise both grain and harmony. Multiple colours can create a more striking standout effect.


Using a variety of square, and different lengths of rectangular, options, each completed floor deliverers a wealth of shapes, capturing the timeless image often compared by our customers to a courtyard in sunnier climes even than Solihull!

Staggered block

Here, a clever placing of three different widths of rectangular patterning helps the finished floor to flow across both larger open plan areas or to create an inviting welcome to a more intimate corner.

Block weave

A long time favourite for its shimmering elegance featuring both narrower and wider abutting rectangular shapes highlighted through a clever series of directional changes of the pattern.


Uses the idea of a balanced pattern of chevrons to almost give a three-dimensional effect of angular waves sweeping across the floor. This is a hugely versatile choice for many commercial, as well as private, locations.

Plank weave

The use of a mix of short and long planks, positioned along the floor and then across the head of each individual floor area works well for larger, sweeping open spaces to deliver traditional wood, stone, or more abstract impressions.

Random stone

Slightly against the name of this style is a careful placement of three different sizes of rectangular tiles to create a more contemporary block effect that boldly, even grandly, attracts the eye, without ever overwhelming its surroundings.


As the name suggests, this is a striking and angular geometric pattern of rhomboids, featuring their characteristic lack of right angles and unequal sides to produce a stunning and attention-grabbing multi-directional floor covering.


It’s believed that kites were flown in China more than 2,500 years ago, and the shape has been reflected in many designs in the centuries since. On the floor, this style creates a truly distinctive geometric pattern, taking such a traditional object and translating into a truly contemporary and almost 3D effect.

Key Stone

Like a magician’s actions, the idea of this pattern is to trick the eye. A subtle combination of larger main squares and smaller highlighted diamonds seems to offer a subtle movement that’s noticed whether you choose a bold or muted colour combination.

Just a mention of colour

As we brought colour into the equation in the last of these descriptions, it is, of course, a key element in each of them. The effects we’ve described are either heightened or reduced by the choice of colours and finishes of the many superb Designers’ Choice Collection choices from Amtico. They offer more than half a century of experience behind them in bringing our tired floors to stunning life. All of their products are manufactured here in Britain, so it’s no wonder that we know that these Amtico flooring design options provide a range of stunning possibilities. We’ll work with you to create the luxury and crafted floors that add much to the vibrancy (or tranquillity) you seek for your home, office or other premises.

Reaching decisions

Our team here at FLR have, during the last 30 years and more, gained huge experience in the delivery of quality flooring solutions. This is why we are so excited to be an Amtico One Exclusive Retail Partner. So, when the time comes to consider how best to craft that impression-making floor, a visit to our Solihull showroom allows us to discuss your needs and show you the many possibilities across these dozen stunning, evocative and impression-delivering floor design choices.