When we think of green solutions in our homes, we tend to focus on recycling, nature kind cleaning products or even growing our own herbs on the windowsill – or better yet, a whole host of crops in a greenhouse. We don’t tend to think of what’s under our feet as a potentially eco-friendly part of the home.

Here at FLR Group, we are an exclusive retail partner of Amtico flooring, who can offer just that – green flooring throughout your home or business. Whether in your apartment, offices or gym studio, Amtico fitters can provide green flooring solutions to suit your needs and surroundings.

The Amtico Spacia Collection is strictly environmentally friendly as well as offering all of the perks one would expect from quality flooring. It is attractive, versatile, durable, easy to clean and hygienic, plus its natural effects, colours and feel make it match so perfectly with its eco-friendly design, whilst being neutral enough for a variety of spaces.

Amtico designs prove that sustainably produced products do not compromise on quality, design or longevity. Lasting decades, with a competitive 25 year warranty, and at affordable prices, there really is no reason not to make your flooring an eco-centric part of your home.

What makes these products so unique is that every stage of manufacture is as kind to the environment as possible; Amtico flooring is sustainably produced using careful energy efficiency and widespread recycling.

At production level, almost all material is recycled back into products. A water management system has enabled an almost 20% reduction in water chemical usage. Movement sensors and timers help minimise electricity usage. Amtico use non-toxic, easily recyclable PVC, which along with investments in factory processes and technology, has contributed to a 93% reduction in waste sent to landfill in the last five years.

Post-production, Amtico boast 100% recyclable packaging plus almost all internally used packaging is recycled or reused where possible. They only use cardboard composed of 60% recycled material. These values are further enhanced by the company’s numerous accreditations, such as ISO14001 and BREEAM, so your green flooring can be bought with confidence.

If you’d like to enjoy the green benefits of Amtico flooring, get in touch with the team here at FLR Group today. If you’re in Birmingham, Solihull, or the surrounding areas of the West Midlands then contact us at today on 0121 443 5503. As an exclusive Amtico supplier you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re working with one of the most experienced and well regarded installers of Amtico flooring in the UK.