How to keep an Amtico Floor clean

Here at FLR we are often asked: 'How do you maintain and clean Amtico flooring?' So with the help of Amtico's latest leaflet 'Clean as a Whistle', we tell you how. And you can't go wrong by following these simple tips.

You can also watch a demonstration and discussion of the cleaning process with our Technical Director Gary Lloyd. In this video, we will show you how to effectively use the Amtico Floor Cleaner range to clean and maintain your lovely Amtico Flooring.

1. Use doormats to prevent dirt

The use of doormats enables dirt and other unwelcome external influences to remain outside and ensure your brand new Amtico flooring is kept unharmed.

2. Sweep often to remove debris

Regular sweeping of your tiles will keep your floors looking just as good as the day they were fitted. If dirt and debris is allowed to stay on your floor, it might be pressed into the floor as you walk over it, increasing the wear over time.

3. Use Amtico entrance mats

Authentic Amtico entrance mats can be installed in order to prevent the chance of dirt affecting your floor. However, you should only use the matting that is recommended by Amtico as there have been cases where some rubber-backed matting has caused permanent staining.

4. Shake out the mats

Clean your entrance mat regularly by either shaking it out or washing it down.

However, there is more to maintenance than just simply putting down a door mat, this next part will tell you how to keep your floor sparkling until the day it retires.

Amtico Floor Cleaner

5. Use the Amtico FloorCare Maintainer to make it shine

The Amtico Floor Care Maintainer will remove any marks that you’re finding hard to get rid of after sweeping. It couldn’t be simpler. This Amtico Floor Cleaner product is designed to work perfectly with your Amtico flooring.

  1. Firstly, apply your Amtico Floor care Maintainer with a damp mop
  2. Next, you rinse the mop and when necessary, change the solution.
  3. After you have mopped, allow the area to completely dry in order to create that sparkle in the tiles.

After use, don’t forget to clean the equipment that you used in the process.

6. Use Amtico Stripper and Dresser for a deeper clean

From time to time, there will be areas that need a deeper clean. This is where Amtico is here to help.

Amtico offer 2 different products, the Floor Care Stripper and Floor Care Dressing.

The Floor Care Stripper is made to remove ingrained dirt whilst the Floor Care Dressing is used to protect the floor against any scratching and give it a gleaming finish.

Amtico Floorcare Stripper

Apply the Floor care stripper and then mop the floor. Leave it for 10 minutes, which at this point, you should rinse, clean.

Amtico FloorCare Dressing

Apply the Floor care Dressing using a flat head applicator mop to create a gleaming finish.

  1. Apply a thin coat at the edges of the room and then to the rest of the floor
  2. Leave it to dry for 30 minutes
  3. The area must be well ventilated for this to work
  4. Then apply a second coat and allow that to dry for a further 30 minutes.

How To Keep Amtico Shining For A Lifetime

Follow these step to keep your Amtico floor looking as good as it was the first day you laid eyes on it.

  1. Try and avoid dragging any heavy furniture across the floor, which in turn could lead to scratch marks.
  2. Avoid spray from aerosols, rubber, asphalt, paints, shoe polishes, cigarettes and very sharp grit.
  3. Any spillages on the floor must be wiped up immediately. The area with the spillage can be thoroughly cleaned using Amtico Floor care Maintainer.
  4. Avoid using any steam mops to clean the floor due to the chances of causing damage.
  5. Finally, check that your vacuum cleaner is suitable to use on the flooring.

Hopefully these steps will help you keep your Amtico floor clean and like new for years to come. However, if you ever decide to change like new for really new then please don't hesitate to get in touch and one of our experienced and friendly team will be happy to discuss your next Amtico floor.

Amtico Floor Cleaner Range