Office furniture trends in 2015

Office furniture is crucial when it comes to creating a positive working environment. This is very important, as a positive working environment equals happy workers and happy workers equal higher productivity!

The benefits do not stop there though, as having a great looking office will also impress clients and customers, proving to them that your business is the real deal and also showing your competitors who is boss. Like all trends though, the popular styles of office furniture change almost every year, so here are some of the hottest office styles, designs and furniture solutions for 2015:

Creative designs

To begin with, as technology continues to improve, we are seeing many of our everyday gadgets and devices shed their cords and become wireless. This has allowed those who make office furniture to become much more creative in their designs as they no longer need to cater for wires and battery pack storage areas. We are now seeing an influx of minimalist design computer desks and units which look very sleek and stylish in the modern office.

Lounge furniture

Secondly, as employers look to offer a higher level of comfort to their workers, we have seen a large increase in lounge furniture for offices. Often with modern designs, bright colours and multi-purpose features, these pieces can become comfort zones for workers needing some quick relaxation during a stressful day and can help to create informal areas where employees can come together to socialise or even discuss work.

Communal tables

The rise of the open plan office has brought with it some key additions to office furniture. Moving away from the clumpy computer desks of the early millennium, large tables where workers can sit and look at a central focal point are very much commonplace nowadays, with the higher end businesses opting for top quality surfaces such as glass or wood. However, in some industries, such as telemarketing, ‘S’ shaped curved desks with workers placed on both sides, are very much en vogue.

Ergonomic seating

Finally, with more and more people now spending the majority of their working day sat at their desk, office solutions have been created to make work chairs much more accustomed to the user’s needs. Many office chairs now come with ergonomically-designed curved backrests to stop pains in the back or prevent spinal problems.

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