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School Hall Flooring

The Centre of school life.

If you’re looking at your assembly hall floor and thinking it’s time for a refresh, then we have a number of options for you.

Assembly Hall Flooring

The assembly hall or school hall is arguably the centre of any school; it’s the hub that brings your students and teachers together at the start of every day, and the focal point of any activities. It simply has to look its best, and a tired floor reflects badly on the school as a whole.

Tough Hall Flooring

The school hall floor also has to stand up to heavy use, not just in terms of footfall but also heavy equipment, stages, and even layered seating arrangements that could sink a normal room. You need to think of these things and plan accordingly to prevent your assembly room floor being beaten down long before its time. With our vast experience in educational and industrial flooring, we can help; we’ve seen it all before.

Refresh or Redesign?

If you’re looking at your school hall flooring and thinking it’s time for a refresh, then we have a number of new flooring options.

You might be amazed at the options these days. We can offer you a traditional hardwood floor, of course, and our expert fitters can produce the perfect parquet set-up and help you maintain the most glamorous assembly hall in your region for many years to come.

Vinyl Assembly Hall Floors

There are other, more modern options that you simply might not have considered, and your assembly hall floor contractors can help with this. Modern vinyl flooring offers the look of a solid wood finish, or almost any other finish you could think of, with extra advantages. Sound absorption, ease of cleaning, shock and slip resistance and many more options for underfloor heating and underlay all come into play with modern flooring solutions. So even if you are set on a traditional look and feel, modern materials offer a safer, cleaner and healthier environment, as well as a much cheaper point of entry, which could sway your thinking.

Vinyl tiles, a full rubberised finish or even polished concrete can also give your educational institution a truly unique look and feel that will become one of your signatures, and leave a lasting impression when potential students and parents come through the door for the first time. There are a world of options and finishes, from traditional wood through to a bold custom design that includes your school badge.

So if you want to open your eyes to the possibilities on offer with your school hall flooring, get in touch today for a bespoke quote.

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