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Floor cleaning and restoration services, covering commercial, industrial and high end residential works around Solihull.

Floorcare Specialists

At FLR Group we are committed to providing our customers with the best floor care services available. All of our customers can benefit from high quality residential and commercial flooring maintenance solutions. Regardless of whether your facility is furnished with interior or exterior carpets, carpet tiles, vinyl, linoleum, marble, stone, terrazzo, wood or safety flooring materials, the team at Beaver Floorcare can equip you with individually tailored floor maintenance solutions to suit your purposes.

Professional Floor Maintenance Solutions

Depending upon the needs of your facility, Beaver Floorcare can maintain your flooring to a professional quality standard via scheduled annual, biannual, quarterly, bimonthly or weekly visits. Consequently, regardless of whether you need to restore, refurbish or clean and maintain the flooring in your residential property, corporate headquarters, business offices, leisure and sports centres, government offices, educational institutions, industrial manufacturing sites or public sector facilities, with the help of FLR Group and our skilled team of Beaver Floorcare specialists, you can benefit from bespoke sustainable and cost effective flooring solutions.

Moreover, Beaver Floorcare specialists can also ensure that your flooring is equipped with comprehensive anti-slip resistance. To do so, we will carry out an independent slip resistance or pendulum test on your flooring to generate the pendulum test value (PTV) of its surface both when it is dry and when it is wet. If this value is below 36 when wet, we will repair your floor with the appropriate chemical treatment or coating. By utilising our innovative anti-slip treatment methods, we can certify that your flooring will be safe and secure to suit any purpose.

Beaver Floorcare specialists are professionally trained to resolve any flooring or furnishing dilemma. For instance, if you are privileged to own a period building with either Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian era flooring then you can rest assured that our team of skilled Beaver Floorcare restoration and preservation specialists will expertly revitalise these furnishings to their former glory, without damaging or diminishing their original features.

So why not browse through their extensive online selection of floorcare solutions today? With the help of FLR Group and Beaver Floor-care, you can breathe new life into the flooring and furnishings within your current residential or commercial buildings!

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