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Different jobs have different requirements. The smallest detail can have a huge impact.

More is what's needed. To do more than what was expected. It's isn't just about the job for us. There is now a need to help those around us. Flooring can turn us from being a contractor, to a company that makes a difference.

Laying the vinyl sports flooring at Langley School


So much time, planning and resources goes into a job. What matters is having the right people to deliver it.

Laying new carpet tiles at ITG

Case Studies

Every job has its own story. We just want to show you a glimpse of what we can do.

Jeff & Noddy win an award

Why FLR?

We follow the mantra that people make a business. That's why we invest in our team, our partners, to be more than just a flooring contractor.

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If you have any questions or are in need of a quote, then please get in touch.

FLR Sustainability - on farm with tractor


This is our focus. This is the start of our journey. Everything we are doing now is to try and make a difference.

Luca Walker at Earlswood Lakes

News & Updates

Find out what we are up to, from exciting new projects to support our local communities and environmental initiatives. 

We Are FLR

FLR first began trading back in 1982. Since then, some things have never changed. For a start, we’ve always insisted on working in whatever way suits the customer best, not us. We’ve never wavered on our commitment to only ever offering the best flooring solution. We’ve always employed our own staff, rather than relying exclusively on sub-contracted labour.

We’ve stayed true to our belief in investing heavily in people, addressing their physical and mental wellbeing, not just providing them with work. And we’ve always been keen to give back to our local communities by reinvesting our profits.

That final point is a crucial one. We believe that 40 years of successful trading have given us a platform to do even more to support our local communities. We’ve always acted responsibly but now we want to go further – and we want to take our customers and suppliers with us on this journey of environmental and social responsibility. In doing so, we hope to demonstrate that we’re more than just a flooring contractor. Don’t get us wrong; we’re still passionate about flooring.

As we like to remind our customers, when it comes to their flooring needs, we’ve got it covered. We’re the best around, after all. But we’re also mindful of the bigger picture; of the need to act responsibly and sustainably. That’s what really excites us; making the most of the position we’ve created for ourselves to give something back, to do something good. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?