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Different jobs have different requirements. The smallest detail can have a huge impact.

More is what's needed. To do more than what was expected. It's isn't just about the job for us. There is now a need to help those around us. Flooring can turn us from being a contractor, to a company that makes a difference.

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So much time, planning and resources goes into a job. What matters is having the right people to deliver it.

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Every job has its own story. We just want to show you a glimpse of what we can do.

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We follow the mantra that people make a business. That's why we invest in our team, our partners, to be more than just a flooring contractor.

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If you have any questions or are in need of a quote, then please get in touch.

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This is our focus. This is the start of our journey. Everything we are doing now is to try and make a difference.

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Find out what we are up to, from exciting new projects to support our local communities and environmental initiatives. 

We are FLR

We’ve adopted the phrase ‘More than just a Flooring Contractor,’ but what do we actually mean by this? Flooring. Carpet tiles, Carpets, Luxury Vinyl tiles. That’s what we do. Plain and simple. But that isn’t just who we are. Nowadays anybody can say that they’re ‘the leading flooring contractor in the UK,’ but how can they prove it?

We’re coming into our 40th year now and we take pride in that. We take pride in the fact that we employ and train our own staff. But who we were in 1982 isn’t completely who we are now. We’ve still got the same values. We still want to deliver the best service. The thing that has changed though is that we’ve evolved. We’re constantly looking at ways to improve without losing our identity.

What we’re bringing into our culture now is the concept of sustainability. Sustainability is a phrase that’s used so often but isn’t completely understood by most. The way we see it is it’s about opportunity. Giving opportunities to people, wildlife, the environment. That’s what we’re becoming. Rather than focusing on us, we’re looking at the bigger picture and looking at what our work can do for others.

Whether that’s from an environmental standpoint or socially, our goal is to make sure that no opportunity is missed. That all bases are covered. That we can truly make a difference.

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