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Classroom Flooring

If you want your pupils to work their hardest for you, then you need to provide the best possible environment for them. That means a safe, clean, hard-wearing floor that will provide the foundations for a great classroom for years to come.

Hard-Wearing Flooring

Classroom floors take a hammering all year round. Students run, they drag chairs, move desks and throw their bags down with unnecessary force and they do all of this thousands of times a year. That means your school classroom flooring has to be able to withstand all manner of punishment while looking its best. This is not a task for faint-hearted flooring.

There are options, too, from hard-wearing carpet through to luxury vinyl tiles or polished concrete for the artisan crowd. You might think your choices are limited, but you really can have the look and feel you want for every classroom, so let us help you think creatively and work around your main requirements in terms of hygiene, cost, or indeed style.

Safe, Clean and Tough

Of course there are basic requirements for any classroom floor. It must be hard-wearing, it must be safe, it must be easy to clean and it must be reasonably priced. Our relationships with the leading suppliers ensure that this is simply a given, it is part of the deal.

Designed Flooring

Beyond that, however, there are a world of colours and finishes available to you. The days of drab monotone vinyl school classroom flooring are long gone and you can specify wood, metallic or other finishes that will make your students, parents and teachers happier to come through the door each and every day.

We can even advise on a custom look that turns any classroom into an art installation and we can incorporate your school's crest, motto or simply colours into your actual classroom floor. So, if your motto is an essential part of your school's philosophy, share it every day by incorporating it into the very fabric of your building.

Your classrooms can have a uniform approach or each and every department can have its own unique look and feel that ties in to teaching programmes and specific purposes. The only limit is your imagination.

So let us help you create an exciting, vibrant new space for your students that will give your whole school a new look and feel. Get in touch today for a quote on a whole new flooring system today.

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