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Offering the highest quality industrial flooring for every setting within the industrial sector, we can provide long-lasting and hard-wearing flooring solutions to suit your business' specific needs.

Industrial flooring

Industrial flooring is exposed to the most extreme conditions on a daily basis. From contact with heavy chemicals to resisting heavy-duty machinery, such as forklift traffic and vehicle transportation, it’s essential that your industrial flooring provides exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance. This also ensures that activities in your workspace can run smoothly and safely.

A hard-wearing, impermeable and slip-resistant floor finish can not only warrant a safe environment for your workforce but also protect your subfloor from any potential contamination and long-term damage.

Flooring for every industrial business

We can provide a wide range of flooring solutions to any industrial sector, from automotive and production to warehouses and factories. Our flooring systems offer the resistance and durability you need for your specific environment. We can also apply different coloured coatings to indicate walkways, production areas or other designated spaces.

Each requirement is unique and will depend on levels of traffic, exposure to chemicals and production. This is why we always prefer to assess each business individually in order to provide the best possible system to fit your needs.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality industrial flooring for your business. This is why we have chosen to only work with approved suppliers and manufacturers, such as Arturo, who offer extremely versatile flooring or floor finishes suitable for a variety of requirements.

Environmentally friendly flooring

Environmental credentials for resins and finishes is extremely important and a number of our resins have gained Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). An EPD is an independently verified and registered document that provides information about the life-cycle environmental impact of a product. Products with an EPD are suitable for clients who require BREEAM or SKA rating. These assessments are designed for companies who want to install resin flooring in an environmentally friendly way.

Low maintenance flooring

Industrial environments are often very active and busy. This means the selected flooring needs to include practical features that make it easy to maintain over time.

With the correct cleaning methods, resin floor finishes are extremely low maintenance in terms of their aftercare. Resin floors are also seamless, making it even easier to clean and look after.

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