Tough Flooring For Industrial Spaces

It’s tempting to think of manufacturing businesses purely in terms of heavyweight industrial production lines; the sort of places where the floor is exposed to extreme conditions every day.

Well, yes, those places need their industrial flooring needs catered for just as carefully as in any other sector. But for every industrial installation we do where the priority is to lay a hard-wearing, low maintenance, impermeable floor that can stand up to heavy machinery, impact, dirt, or even chemicals, there’s another where the focus is on precision engineering, clean rooms, and tech-dominated design spaces that require specialised industrial flooring solutions.

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Flooring In All Sizes

Just as we’re seeing in other sectors, manufacturers are no different when it comes to requiring their premises to serve multiple functions. So, for every production line floor we install, we’re just as likely to be asked to fit out a separate showroom or museum, staff rest area, or high-spec office space that requires industrial flooring solutions. A bit like in hospitals, this is an environment where flooring is often used to demarcate different areas of operation; each with their own particular industrial flooring requirements.

Size is never really a consideration for us in this sector. We’ve done everything from small units of just a few hundred square meters right up to gigantic factories where we’re talking acreage, rather than square meters. We’ve even laid industrial flooring in the back of vans for businesses that transport a lot of equipment around for remote installations.

Controlled Environments

Within the jobs themselves, there are the usual considerations of any other controlled environment – such as access, safety, and minimising operational disruption - but in addition, there are privacy and confidentiality concerns that require attention. It's crucial to bear in mind the sensitive designs or intellectual property that might be on display in restricted areas of a manufacturing facility when installing industrial flooring. From cars and bikes to industrial equipment and food manufacturing, we've seen a few interesting things in our time, but as trusted industrial flooring professionals, confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us.