Digbeth Scott House
Office Flooring

Digbeth Regulars

In Birmingham's Digbeth, we tackled a special project at Scott House. It was all about giving two office rooms a fresh start with new flooring. We chose durable, stylish vinyl because it looks great and lasts long. This job was right up our alley, mixing practicality with a bit of flair.

Digbeth has seen a lot of us lately, from Green House to Gate House, and each project has its own story. Scott House is just one of the many places we've brought up to speed. It's not just about making places look good; it's about making them work better for everyone who uses them.

The Project

This project at Scott House is a great example of what we stand for: doing quality work that makes a real difference. We're all about creating spaces that people enjoy working in, using our skills to contribute to the community here in Birmingham.

Growbag, Chomper, and Ben, our team for this project, got the job done in just three days. They worked hard to swap the old floors with the new vinyl flooring smoothly, causing as little fuss as possible. This quick turnaround is something we're really proud of.

We've Got It Covered

Looking back at Scott House, it's clear to us that our work is about more than floors. It's about setting the stage for better workdays, supporting local businesses, and being a part of Birmingham's growth. We're excited to keep on making an impact, one project at a time.