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Form & Function

The leisure and hospitality sector is incredibly broad but, over the course of 40 years, we’ve worked in every part of it – from bars, restaurants and hotels through to sports centres and stadia.

The variety within the sports sub-sector alone is staggering. As well as outfitting stadia and corporate boxes, we’ve laid traditional multi-purpose sports hall floors, sprung wooden floors, dojo floors, gymnastics floors, tennis courts, spike-friendly cricket and golf club floors and even indoor bowling greens (you would not believe how many of them there are!).

It’s the sort of work that we love doing; thinking about what effect a floor is supposed to have – aiding performance or reducing the likelihood of injury, for example – and matching that to the most appropriate materials.

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Great Flooring For Great Business

Away from the performance side though, there are also shower and changing areas to be considered, merchandise areas and catering; all with their own particular demands. In a lot of sporting environments, these areas are incredibly important from a revenue perspective. Get them wrong and the business will suffer.

It’s an environment where our mantra of ‘get it right first time’ is particularly valid. With a sports hall or shower area out of action, a sports facility can’t make any money, so it can’t afford a less-than-perfect installation that soon needs fixing.

On the hospitality side of the sector, there’s a heavy focus on aesthetics. These places have to look perfectly on brand and on trend. That doesn’t always have to mean super-modern. We’ve been lucky enough to work on several fascinating period installations with venues trying to recapture a particular look from years gone by.

Functional Designs & Specifications

It’s not all style over substance, however. Clearly, noise reduction is a major consideration for hospitality venues, especially hotels.

Alongside that, there are the functional concerns around kitchen and bar safety and the robustness of entrances and other high footfall areas.

Access and availability can be an issue with these venues, especially hotels where simply working through the night will not minimise customer disruption in the way it would elsewhere.

Therefore, this is a sector where working with the customer to establish how they want the work to proceed (rather than what simply makes our lives easier) is of paramount importance.

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