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Form & Function

One of the biggest challenges which hoteliers, public sector managers and commercial operators face when it comes to their premises is getting the balance right between tough functional flooring which is fit for purpose and creating an attractive ambience which sends out an appealing, welcoming message. At FLR we use our knowledge and experience to provide great flooring solutions to leisure & hospitality flooring requirements in a range of locations.

Durable Flooring

Any area which is subject to heavy traffic needs to have a covering that is robust enough to withstand wear, whilst still providing an attractive surface that people will want to walk on.

We consider each set of premises individually to determine what combination of flooring is going to provide the best option, designing a bespoke solution which provides an appealing and practical addition to your premises.

Stunning Designs

Whether you want a traditional look or are keen to create an interior design which showcases contemporary elegance, synthetic flooring can meet your needs.

Leading brands have created a stunning choice of intriguing patterns, colours and designs which can give a convincing natural look or provide a colourful accent if required. We source and fit products from high-calibre, specialist flooring manufacturers to ensure that you always get exactly what you want.

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