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A nice and level, non-slip floor should help your more enthusiastic customers stay upright on their feet when the rest of the world is unsteady.

Bar Flooring Designs

Many bars now have unique identities and themes, from trendy Gin Bars to Gastro Pubs and Wine Bars. Standing out from the crowd can be difficult, but fortunately there are more options to fit out your bar than ever before.

This extends to the flooring. Though sometimes overlooked, attractive designer flooring can help set the tone for the bar and provide a great backdrop for the rest of the design.

Working with most of the major flooring brands in the UK, the design options are nearly limitless.

We could use Karndean luxury vinyl tiles to create beautiful wood, tile or stone effect flooring.

This could be combined with some stunning modular carpet tiles from Interface to create feature blocks of colour to compliment or contrast your floor.

Anti-Slip Flooring

More than just looking the part, the flooring in your bar also needs to look after your customers.

We work with many types of anti-slip flooring that ensure that your customers stay upright, even when the world is spinning (not that we advocate this behaviour!).

Don't rely on your customers making the floor sticky through the odd spill, make sure your floor provides plenty of grip underfoot.

Durable Flooring

Speaking of which, bars can take a substantial amount of footfall compared to other businesses. The flooring manufacturers we partner with have ranges of extra-tough durable flooring. With additional or thicker outer layers they are engineered to last longer, even in the most challenging environments.

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