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Flooring For The High Street

The UK high street might not be as diverse as it once was but that hasn’t stopped us from working in a vast array of different retail environments in recent times.

In our portfolio, banks, department stores and supermarkets sit comfortably alongside the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. Well, maybe not the candlestick maker; let’s go with hairdressers, paint shops and post offices instead.

Quite simply, we’ve got the whole high street covered, even though every single retail format brings its own unique challenges.

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Supermarket Flooring

We pride ourselves on doing more. More than turning up, putting the floor down and just leaving. More than a man, his van and a selection of flooring tiles. We're so much more than the standard contractor.

Covering The Whole Store

With many of our retail installations, it’s a case of providing solutions for both the back office and the front-of-house.

For a large supermarket's flooring, for example, that could mean tackling three different challenges.

In the store itself, there might be a focus on hard-wearing, anti-fatigue floors that trollies glide over with minimal noise but which also help deliver the desired aesthetic.

Out the back (or in their separate distribution centres), the focus is likely to be on laying a floor resilient enough to cope with heavy pallets and forklifts.

And upstairs in the offices, there will the same staff-friendly demands that we see in every other corporate office environment.

Great Customers, Exceptional Flooring

As well as numerous individual, boutique retail businesses, we’ve also worked in – and for – major shopping centres around the country; places like the Bullring, Touchwood, Bicester Village and Cribbs Causeway. We’ve worked on their communal access areas and for their tenants directly.

Knowing how these places – and the large department stores – operate has been a major bonus for us over the years. We understand the requirements around procurement and insurance, for example, and have secured our place on their approved supplier lists.

We know the permissions that need to be secured in advance of starting any work. And we absolutely understand the importance of getting in and out during those hours when a store is closed. That’s non-negotiable. Never come between someone and their shopping.