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The Shop Floor

Shop flooring has to be practical first; it should be slip-resistant, robust enough to hold up to high footfall and easy to clean and maintain. However, practicality doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style.

The design of your retail floor is a crucial element of the shop's success. No matter how brilliant your products are, potential customers simply won't see them if your store doesn't appeal to them visually. The décor of your store will no doubt reflect your brand and its style, so you need it to speak to customers and tell them what you're all about. The floor is a major part of these first impressions, so it would be a crime to neglect it.

Creating Atmosphere

If you have succeeded in drawing potential customers into your store, you need them to stay. Careful design choices can help you create the right atmosphere and ambiance to achieve this goal and persuade them to buy.

Many shops like to have lots of open floor space in order to help customers move around and browse products with ease and comfort. If this is the case, the floor can become an incredibly prominent feature and it has to look good.

Your retail flooring may need to be sleek and sophisticated in order to let your products stand out and catch the customer's eye. Perhaps bright, bold patterns on your flooring will help create a colourful, fun atmosphere that appeals to your clients. Maybe you want to draw your customers through the store and the right flooring can help you achieve this goal.

Designed For Customers

More than anything else, the right retail flooring choice will add the finishing touch to your store and create a truly luxurious and fashionable environment. A designer brand with designer products absolutely requires designer décor. FLR Group can install designer flooring to help make the space truly special.

No matter what your store's style or specific needs, at FLR Group, we can help fulfil your brand's potential and create the perfect shopping environment for your customers. We'll strike the right balance between practicality and style, give you the best recommendations, and install your chosen retail flooring quickly and professionally so that you can get back to business.

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