Office Flooring

Fort Dunlop Offices

we've just wrapped up a fantastic project at ITG Offices. Located in the iconic Fort Dunlop building, ITG's workspace covers three floors, and they chose us to fit it out, top to bottom.

ITG's office layout is quite the maze, full of bends and curves. Our task was to install carpet tiles that snugly fit these unique shapes. Plus, there was an extra challenge. We needed to modify a showroom we'd previously worked on, filling in and covering a cable hole to suit its new purpose.

The Project

We chose wood vinyl planks for the meeting rooms, carefully selecting each piece to ensure it complemented the overall style of the room. But the real test of our skills came with the showroom modification. That pesky cable hole from a previous setup? Alex and the team filled it in meticulously, laying down matching vinyl planks so neatly, you'd never know it was there.

Our approach is always about blending top-notch craftsmanship with a friendly, local touch. Whether it's fitting tiles around intricate curves or making on-the-fly adjustments, we do it with precision and a smile.

We're especially proud of how we handled the carpet tiles around ITG's bespoke light-up floor made with LED panels. It's this kind of detailed work that really shows off our team's skills and dedication.

We've Got It Covered

We're all about efficiency at FLR Group. The whole job, including laying the carpet tiles across all three floors and sorting out the showroom, was done and dusted in just three days. Quick work, but always quality work – that's our promise.

Being a Solihull business, we bring that local touch to our projects, combined with professional expertise. This ITG office flooring is a testament to our commitment to quality, precision, and client satisfaction. We're here to make sure every flooring job, big or small, gets the FLR Group treatment it deserves.