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We can help ensure that even the floor of your care home is designed to protect and look after your residents and their visiting families. As well as ensuring the safety of your staff.

We can provide care home flooring solutions are safe, calming and compliment the style of your care home.

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Slip resistent care home flooring

There are many challenges faced when designing a care home, the flooring is no exception. Due to the very nature of a care home and its residents, the flooring needs to be designed to protect.

When any small fall can cause serious injury the use of non-slip flooring is essential near any potentially dangerous spots. Whether it's a private bathroom or toilet, communal dining area or kitchen, small spills could create hazards. Specialist non-slip flooring helps improve grip and reduce the chances of a fall, helping minimise accidents and injuries.

Carpet Tiles or Carpets?

Both types of carpet flooring can be used to provide elegant designs that last the test of time, however there are distinct advantages to each.

Carpets are still a popular choice, especially for corridors and hallways. As they are manufactured on a roll, it can be incredibly cost-effective and quick to carpet long stretches of floor.

Carpet tiles, on the other hand, provide a great deal more flexibility. As tiles, they can be laid to fit any size or shape room with equal ease. Different tiles can also be laid together to create strong designs and interesting patterns. These could be purely aesthetic, or could be used to denote information through design, such as walkways and guide lines. In addition, carpet tiles can be individually replaced very easily, useful if any tiles are damaged through accidents in the care home.

Luxury Vinyl For Your Care Home

If you would like to feature a wood or stone floor in your care home, then LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) may be a good choice. These modern and highly engineered flooring tiles can perfectly mimic the look and feel of natural floors, without the cost and upkeep. Unlike hard wood, LVT can be affordable to install and laid to fit any size or shape of room.

LVT can also be specified based on exact requirements, such as their durability or acoustic properties. If certain areas have very high footfall, such as entranceways and communal areas, a commercial grade LVT can be selected. These extra tough LVT floors are often chosen in retail and designed to last years of high traffic. Some tiles also have great acoustic properties, minimising echoes and reverberation, which can help reduce background noise in busy areas.

Why Choose FLR Group?

We are a leading single source supplier and installer of carpets, carpet tiles, luxury vinyl and safety flooring in a range of commercial environments nationwide.

Flooring plays an important role in care home design. There are several ways to help the older person feel confident moving around the space. FLR Group are aware of these problems and how to solve them by:

  • laying different flooring types  adjacent to each other should blend as much as possible so as not to create the appearance of a step.
  • Using threshold strips should also blend with the flooring
  • Avoiding blue/grey tones – warm tones are seen better
  • Using a slip-resistant surface, but not so rough as to hurt or be uncomfortable for bare feet
  • Using as matt a surface as possible
  • Avoiding patterns, speckling or sparkles as these can cause distraction or confusion, or sometimes could look like something to pick up
  • Making sure that furniture, especially seats and tabletops contrast with the flooring sufficiently.

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