Care Home

Care Home Flooring

At FLR Group, we're proud of our local roots in Birmingham. Our team's dedication shines through in our work, especially in projects like the Evedale Care Home refurbishment.

Part of the Capital Care Group and nestled in Coventry's heart, Evedale Care Home caters to both dementia and non-dementia residents. This project was a perfect showcase of our skills and commitment to enhancing community spaces.

The Project

Evedale Care Home needed a major overhaul, with over 70% of its space requiring transformation. The brief included updating kitchen and lounge areas, along with the entire reception and corridors. A significant challenge was the tight one-month deadline. Additionally, we had to ensure minimal disruption to the residents' daily lives. This meant careful planning to maintain clear paths and ensuring resident safety throughout the project.

Our team rose to the occasion. We used high-quality vinyl planks to revitalise the care home's look. These planks are not only look great but also durable and easy to maintain – ideal for a busy care home environment. The team worked meticulously, balancing speed with precision. We scheduled work in a way that kept the home operational and safe for residents.

We've Got It Covered

The transformation was a resounding success. The rejuvenated spaces brought a fresh and comforting feel to the care home, much to the delight of residents and staff. Our ability to meet the challenging deadline, without compromising on quality or safety, underscored our commitment to excellence. The Evedale Care Home project is just one example of the numerous successful collaborations we've had with the Capital Care Group.

At FLR Group, we believe in making a difference in our community. The Evedale Care Home project was more than just a refurbishment; it was about enhancing the lives of those who call it home. It exemplifies our dedication to quality, efficiency, and the wellbeing of the communities we serve. We're proud to add this project to our growing portfolio of successful local ventures.