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What is Dementia?

The term dementia describes a host of conditions associated with the gradual deterioration of the brain's functions. These can include problems with reasoning and communication, speed of thinking, comprehension, mental agility, memory loss and feelings of anxiety, depression or anger.

Its causes are various brain diseases, the most well known being Alzheimer's. Dementia is not simply part of the ageing process; it can be caused by changes to the brain structure and gradual damage to the brain cells.

Symptoms of dementia

  • Disorientation within the physical environment
  • Disorientation of time
  • Confusion, stress, anxiety and mood swings
  • Memory loss – particularly short-term
  • Difficulties in comprehending new things
  • Difficulties in speech
  • Loss of visual perception

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Why Choose FLR Group?

FLR Group are a leading single source supplier and installer of carpets, carpet tiles, luxury vinyl and safety flooring in a range of commercial environments nationwide. We understand at FLR Group a key initial strategy of dementia-friendly design is making sure that the normal problems of the ageing eye are well compensated for. This can be done in several ways such as:

  • Use stronger colours
  • Use feature walls to make a room look more three-dimensional

Flooring plays an important role in dementia-friendly design. There are several ways to help the older person feel confident moving around the space.

Problem Solvers

FLR Group are aware of these problems and how to solve them by:

  • laying different flooring types  adjacent to each other should blend as much as possible so as not to create the appearance of a step.
  • Using threshold strips should also blend with the flooring
  • Avoiding blue/grey tones – warm tones are seen better
  • Using a slip-resistant surface, but not so rough as to hurt or be uncomfortable for bare feet
  • Using as matt a surface as possible
  • Avoiding patterns, speckling or sparkles as these can cause distraction or confusion, or sometimes could look like something to pick up
  • Making sure that furniture, especially seats and tabletops contrast with the flooring sufficiently.

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