Animal Sanctuary

Who are Wythall Animal Sanctuary?

Wythall Animal Sanctuary help neglected, unwanted or homeless animals find a second chance of love. They have been operating a no-kill animal sanctuary in Kings Norton for more than half a century.

You can tell from the moment you arrive that every member of their team loves animals and are passionate about what they do.

Flooring for a cattery?

Our friends at the sanctuary reached out to us about a new flooring for the cattery area.

Being out in the countryside, they often have wet and muddy footwear and paws from walking dogs in the fields. They needed a floor that would be slip resistant, durable and easy to maintain. 

The room is used for cats and kittens, so we can expect plenty of little accidents and enthusiastic little claws. 

Due to the perceived costs, the sanctuary were initially considering using an off-the-shelf vinyl product from a DIY store. That was until one of our Contracts Managers, Jake Scott, explained the benefits of safety flooring to them.

Safety flooring to the rescue

We often recommend safety flooring, which includes a sheet vinyl safety floor, which is capped and coved.

The room ends up with a neat and clean finish and the flooring continues up the wall providing a seamless skirting.

This is very easy to clean, as it can be quickly mopped and rinsed without any worry about damp. For the cats, this ensures that no harmful bacteria can grow in the corners of the room, helping to keep the animals safe and healthy.

A major crisis for pets

Animal rescues across the UK are currently dealing with a major crisis. With a large number of people getting pets during the lockdown and now returning to work they are unable to look after them.

If you combine this with the increased cost of living, many people are struggling to feed their pets and pay vets fees.

Wythall receives a number of requests from people on a daily basis asking them to re-home their animals as they can no longer care for them.

The new cattery area we've worked on will enable the sanctuary to open its doors to more prospective owners looking to re-home a cat or kitten.

Doing our part

Over the last few years we have been looking at our own responsibility to take an active part in supporting our local community. We are working on several more community projects and hope to bring you news and updates soon.

We were delighted to be able to support the sanctuary and see the difference it will make to our little furry friends.

“Had we not been able to get our friends at FLR to help us do this flooring we would have had to put this matter on hold. The solution we have now is very much appreciated.”

David Scott – Chair of Trustees