Flooring For School Toilets

Creating safe and clean environments.

High traffic areas, such as school toilets, require durable and safe products that are easy to clean and installed by specialists. With over 30 years experience in this area you can be sure that an FLR floor meets your requirements.

School Toilet Flooring

A school’s pupils are its most valuable commodity, so every school must go the extra mile when it comes to taking care of the children that come through the gates every day. That means providing the safest, cleanest environment possible, from the lunchroom through to the toilet floors.

Durable & Hygienic

When it comes to floors that take a beating, the school toilets are right up there. With a higher footfall than almost any other area of a school they also have to stand up to serious cleaning, and through all this they must remain hygienic and, ideally, slip-resistant.

High Demands

Flooring for schools is an art in itself, as the surfaces must all be hard-wearing, durable, resistant to spills and stains and it must also look the part. That goes for carpeted areas, tiles, gym floors and even the cushioned outdoor surfaces that protect against injuries in recreational areas. When it comes to the flooring for school toilets, however, the demands are even higher.

A seamless finish helps to eliminated joints and cracks, which improves the hygiene and helps the cleaners do their job with minimal fuss and obstructions. Inevitably toilet floors will get wet, too, which means that the floor must be slip-resistant in some form or another, either through a textured finish, a high-tech anti-slip vinyl finish or both.

Easy to Clean Floors

For the ultimate finish and ease of cleaning, vinyl flooring can effectively be turned up around the edges of the wall to create its own skirting board. This turns the whole floor into a waterproof, plastic container that can be cleaned thoroughly without any risk of fluids seeping through gaps and causing a health risk at some point in the future.

While flooring for school toilets must be durable and cost-effective, that doesn’t mean that they can’t look the part either. With a vast array of colours and finishes available, it’s relatively simple to make your school’s toilets fit in with the overall colour scheme of the school, or to create a unique and vibrant design that will stay fresh for many years.

So if you are looking to breathe new life into your school toilets, get in touch today for a flooring quote.

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