Ark Boulton Academy
Portable Classroom Flooring

Portable Classroom

When Ark Boulton Academy in Small Heath needed a makeover for their portable classroom, specifically the exam room, FLR Group was on the case. Portable classrooms are a big deal for us; they're like puzzles waiting to be solved. This project was no exception, and we were eager to show off what we could do with a bit of creativity and a lot of flooring expertise.

Portable classrooms come with their own set of challenges. They need to be as durable and functional as any traditional space, but with the added twist of being, well, portable. Ark Boulton Academy's exam room was in dire need of a floor that could handle the stress of exam season and the daily grind, all while being housed in a portable unit.

The Project

We chose Polyflor's Polysafe vinyl for its durability and safety features. It's tough, it looks smart, and it can take whatever students (or the weather) throw at it. Below this layer, we laid plywood across the entire building, ensuring a solid, squeak-free foundation.

Our team worked with precision, laying down the vinyl and securing it with all the right fittings. Heat-welded seams made sure there were no gaps or edges to trip over, and the perimeter was sealed up tight. Transition strips were added for that final touch, making sure everything looked as good as it performed.

We've Got It Covered

A week later, and Ark Boulton Academy's portable classroom was sporting a brand-new floor. It was a tight turnaround, but we've got it covered.

The new floor in the exam room wasn't just about making the space look good; it was about creating an environment where students could focus on their exams, without worrying about what was underfoot. This project was a testament to our ability to adapt and deliver, no matter the setting.

In the end, this wasn't just another job for us. It was a chance to showcase how versatile and resilient flooring solutions can make a world of difference, even in portable classrooms.