Commercial Safety Flooring

Safety is our number one priority.

We have been in the safety flooring business for over 30 years and so can be relied on to specify the right product for any environment. Looking for an expert to install your safety floors? Then look no further.

Why choose safety flooring?

There are a number of different floor coverings to choose from when designing the look and purpose of your building. If your number one priority is safety then you can choose from a range of products specifically designed to protect your employees, customers and members of the public from slipping and tripping hazards.

If you run an organisation then you will be keen to ensure that you meet all of your obligations as set out by the Health and Safety Executive and related health and safety laws. A crucial element of any HSE inspection is the safety of your flooring - it needs to be in good condition and fit for the purpose it is designed for.

Safety flooring is designed not only to prevent trips and slips but also to be easy to keep hygienically clean, which is crucial in a school, hospital or nursing home environment. The safety flooring that we provide is not only slip-resistant but also impervious and grout-free, meaning that mould and fungus cannot grow; what's more, it is available in a variety of colours and designs, meaning that you can still have plenty of choice when deciding on your decor.

Why choose FLR Group

FLR Group has been supplying and fitting safety flooring for over 30 years. This experience has given us a solid reputation for reliability and professionalism. The safety flooring materials that we supply are of excellent quality, but it is crucial that they are fitted correctly, by people who know how to install different types of flooring correctly in a wide range of environments. We can also offer advice as to which type of flooring would best suit your particular needs.

FLR Group install safety flooring in many different settings nationwide, from healthcare practices to retail and hospitality businesses. As well as having over 30 years' experience we only supply top-quality products and ensure that they are fitted correctly and meet HSE criteria. All of our staff are DBS checked, enabling them to work in more sensitive environments such as schools and nursing homes.

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