Wheelers Lane
Technology College

Local Work

Nestled in the heart of Birmingham, FLR Group prides itself on bringing life and vibrancy back to commercial spaces. When Wheelers Lane Technology College reached out to us with their school flooring needs, we were more than ready to step up.

The Challenge

Covering two labs, three classrooms, and an office, this wasn’t just any project. The week was packed: moving large amounts of equipment like latex and feather, stripping away old carpets, and laying down new ones. But, with challenges come opportunities!

The Project

With our dedicated team including Paul, Stuart, Simon, and Liam Phipps on board, we formulated a plan. The worn-out carpets had to go. In their place, we envisioned a modern square grid pattern of carpet tiles, alternating between shades of light blue and dark blue. Not only would this bring a fresh and invigorating feel to the rooms, but it would also be practical and look great.

In the labs, safety was paramount. Our expertise ensured the safety flooring here was both durable and compliant with all necessary safety standards.

We've Got It Covered

In just one week, the transformation was complete. The vibrant new flooring breathed new life into the college's labs, classrooms, and office.

At FLR Group, every project, large or small, is a testament to our commitment to quality and community. Collaborating with Wheelers Lane Technology College reaffirmed our belief: the right flooring can uplift a space and those who use it.

Proudly serving Birmingham, we’re always here, ready for the next challenge. Whether it's a school, office, or commercial space, we've got it covered.