Why FLR?

We are FLR

For 40 years, FLR has led the way in supplying and installing high quality, competitively priced, commercial flooring solutions. For everything from carpets and carpet tiles through to safety flooring or luxury vinyl, you can rely on us to provide the best quality products from the biggest brands and exceptional levels of customer service.

However, if you’re still asking yourself why you should choose to work with us, the simple answer is because we’re a bit different. We don’t operate like a typical flooring contractor, most notably in terms of how we use sub-contracted labour.

There are plenty of firms out there who make extensive use of sub-contracted labour to get their work done. We’re different because we believe that employing our own staff gives us more control over the work that we do and how it’s done. For us, that’s really important because the way that we work underpins our brand and reputation.

There are some really good sub-contractors out there but they’re ultimately working for themselves. They won’t necessarily feel obliged to show the same attention to detail that we pride ourselves on.

Minimising disruption

A good example of this is how we’ll do whatever’s required to minimise the disruption to a customer’s business while we’re working. If that means only working evenings and weekends, for example, that’s what we’ll do.

Alternatively, if that means laying just a few tiles at a time and then having to wait in the van for an hour (an unusual suggestion but you get the idea), so be it. If that’s what’s best for the customer, that’s what we’ll do.

A third-party contractor will typically work to their own terms. They’ll go in, do the job and get out again – but the disruption this might cause is rarely a consideration.

By contrast, the price we agree with a customer is a price based on how they want the work done, not how we want to do it. But you can only really follow through on that price promise if you have the control that comes from employing your own staff, who understand why you’re doing it this way.

Doing things the FLR way

That’s not to say we don’t use sub-contracted labour at all. During busy times of the year, we do occasionally use a few tried and trusted firms. But, even then, they’ll be paired up with our own staff. They’ll work under our direct supervision and will be expected to adhere to all our guiding principles.

Additionally, it’s precisely because some of our own staff are always deployed on every job we do that we’ve been able to implement our “don’t walk by” policy. Quite simply, if we’re on a job and we see something else that might need fixing – and we can do it right there, right then – then we’ll fix it.

If the customer pays us a bit extra for that initiative, that’s great. But, if not, we’re fine with that too. That will be the price we pay for making sure everything is absolutely perfect – and that mentality is something we drill into our newly recruited staff (and the occasional sub-contractor) from day one.

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Supporting Local

Sometimes you can’t see what’s going on around you. What’s happening a mile up the road. You can’t underestimate the value of a community.

We pride ourselves on doing more. More than turning up, putting the floor down and just leaving. More than a man, his van and a selection of flooring tiles. We're so much more than the standard contractor.

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FLR Group

For more than 35 years, FLR Group has been supplying and fitting carpets, luxury vinyl and supporting local communities.

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This is our focus. This is the start of our journey. Everything we are doing now is to try and make a difference.

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Our History



Established first premises in Yardley Wood, starting out as a general flooring sub-contractor.



New Premises

Moved to a larger Kings Heath premises, now working directly with clients as a contractor.




We moved to Poplar Road, Kings Heath and created our first showroom.




Business is growing, working with commercial and residential clients.




Moved to Solihull, expanding infrastructure and employees to facilitate corporate clients.




Update to our showrooms and offerings, to reflect a new emphasis on sustainability, the environment, local communities and wellbeing.