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The Journey Starts At Home

There's a lot of focus on climate change at the moment. Cop 26 highlighted how far behind we are in achieving the sustainable development goals set back in 2015. Although it's pivotal to focus on, it's only one side to the story. 'Zero Hunger,' 'No Poverty,' 'Quality Education.'

These are just 3 of a handful of social goals that were set alongside environmental.

The problem is, poverty rates aren't declining. High levels of education isn't accessible to everyone. People are still going hungry on a daily basis. This is all happening in the UK.

It's difficult to grasp what you can't physically see. But how can we hope to end social issues if we can't help those living a mile up the road from us.

Sunshine at Earlswood Lakes

Birmingham's Canals

This is something we want to develop on, we want to start by giving opportunities to those who haven't had a chance. People living locally who just need a helping hand. Children, Adults, those who haven't had the opportunities we've had. We have a duty to make sure that every person we can help has the chance to prosper.

Liam Phipps

Liam Phipps

With aspirations of making it onto the European tour, we will support Liam every step of the way so he can achieve his dream.

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