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There’s currently a huge amount of activity within the corporate office market and the sector’s booming growth shows no signs of slowing down. Some of this is due to the number of new office buildings springing up and the number of older buildings being refurbished in response. But a lot of this activity also stems from employers wanting their office space to deliver an improved employee experience.

Creating a comfortable and welcoming office environment can help improve staff productivity and satisfaction and make a positive contribution to staff attraction and retention. Flooring design can play a significant part in this.

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We pride ourselves on doing more. More than turning up, putting the floor down and just leaving. More than a man, his van and a selection of flooring tiles. We're so much more than the standard contractor.

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Flooring For Modern Workspaces

Modern offices are a long way removed from the banks of desks or private offices of yesteryear. They’ll typically feature open plan workspaces, breakout areas, collaboration spaces and high-tech meeting rooms, able to support hybrid meetings. There will still be kitchens and coffee areas but now there may also be full-blown canteens, games areas, gyms and shower areas. We’ve even seen spaces put aside for a visiting hairdresser.

The activities that take place in these different office zones demand different flooring considerations. In some, the focus may be functional. In areas of high footfall, for example, the primary concern might be around materials that are anti-fatigue, dirt and spill resistant. Elsewhere, it might be about sound dampening or dispersing static (especially important where there is a concentration of electrical equipment).

In others, the focus is more psychological, creating a working environment that’s welcoming, inspiring and motivational; a place where creativity and collaboration come to the fore. Flooring can contribute to this, whether it’s through colour, design or the choice of materials.

Commercial Flooring For All

Over the years, we’ve worked on offices that have been little more than someone’s garage, right through to multi-storey office blocks. We know what it takes to operate in this space, working with landlords’ procurement and insurance requirements, for example, coping with limited access routes into an office or being mindful of security and confidentiality within an open plan space.

Our team are highly skilled in all types of flooring, from office carpets and carpet tiles to safety and vinyl flooring for offices.

As businesses become ever more creative and demanding in terms of the experience they expect their office spaces to deliver, so the flooring solutions we respond with become ever more innovative; all of which makes it an exciting time to be active in this sector.