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School Libraries

The library goes well beyond a simple storeroom for books, it is the lifeblood of learning and a symbol of higher education. So if your library is tired and worn, it’s time to breathe new life into it and make it a proud focal point of the school once more. Just one way you can make a statement is with new school library flooring.

New Media

Of course the library comes with its own demands, as a modern school library goes well beyond the traditional shelves of books and now often incorporates multimedia workstations, desk space with internet access points and much more. So, if you’re stripping your library back to the bare bones for refurbishment, it might be time for a radical redesign too. Our experts can help you make the most of your space and give your students a tranquil, inspiring and engaging workspace.

Tranquil & Luxurious

As the library is a relatively sedentary and tranquil environment, it offers more choices when it comes to flooring. Even if you shy away from carpets in the rest of the school due to concerns over durability, the library gives you the chance to go for a more luxurious look and feel. Forget the drab, stain resistant greys of the olden days, today’s commercial carpets provide a truly stunning look and feel that will give your library the ambience of a high-end corporate environment.

Great Brands, Great Prices

Our relationships with the leading suppliers means we’ll negotiate the best possible price on the best possible finish. Think we can’t find a carpet to match your school colours? Think again, we’re sure we can come up with a colour match that will fill you with pride when you see it laid down on the floor.

Quiet Flooring

Of course there are other options that will give your library the warm and inviting look you want and also offer the sound insulation that is simply essential in a silent workspace. From rubberised tiles to high-end vinyl, we can turn your idle dream into a reality and make your library the talk of the local schools.

Branded Flooring

We can even supply custom finishes and emblazon your school badge, logo or even your motto across the floor of your brand new library. So if you want to feel a sense of pride in your library and if you want to give your students the working environment they’ll be proud to use every single day, then get in touch for a quote today.

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