Refreshing The Stairs
At Edgbaston High School For Girls

Watch Your Step

At FLR Group, our goal is to enhance spaces with suitable flooring solutions. This was our aim when working on the staircase project at Edgbaston High School for Girls in Birmingham.

The Challenge

The staircases at the school were fitted with older vinyl flooring and stair nosings, which were due for replacement. Each step had a unique size, making the project more complex due to the need for bespoke flooring pieces.

The Brief & Challenge

We offered a variety of robust, contemporary flooring options to the school. They selected a vinyl design accompanied by matching stair nosings. Following the selection, it was time for our team, in this case - Jason and James, to undertake the job.

The team delivered the project with professionalism and a keen attention to detail.

They individually measured each step, and the new flooring was cut accordingly for an accurate fit.

Importantly, to avoid any disruption to school activities, we carried out the work during the school holidays. This allowed us to progress smoothly and efficiently.

We've Got It Covered

The newly staircase flooring and nosings look great. Small changes and improvements can help contribute to a renewed, invigorating atmosphere.

The work at Edgbaston High School for Girls highlights how we approach projects with a focus on precision and efficiency.

At the heart of our work is understanding the unique requirements of each space and providing a fitting flooring solution.