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Carpet tiles are an ideal floor covering for high traffic areas, such as waiting rooms, reception areas, bars, shops and offices. They are hard-wearing and slip resistant, and in the event that an area should become stained, it is quick and easy to replace individual tiles, which is why so many people choose them over carpet for their commercial flooring.

Extremely versatile, carpet tiles can be fitted around even the most intricate of interiors. Wherever they are fitted (but especially so in high traffic areas), it is vitally important that the tiles are fitted correctly. Over time, poorly fitted carpet tiles can slide slightly, enough to buckle up against adjoining tiles, or else simply turn up at the corners, creating a trip hazard.

The importance of fitting expertise

Health and safety laws will no doubt be at the forefront of your mind when designing or refitting your floor space, since a single trip or fall can be very costly in terms of compensation payouts, loss of earnings (in the case of an injured employee) and possible criminal liability.

Whilst there are plenty of sites on the internet that give step by step instructions on how to fit a carpet tile, there can be no room for error when dealing with a commercial environment. Doing it yourself is not a viable option, not only because it is a time-consuming process if you lack experience and expertise, but also because if you fit the floor yourself and someone falls on it, you can be personally liable for their injuries.

Few rooms are perfectly square and can be covered using only whole carpet tiles. In most cases, carpet tiles need to be cut carefully to fit flush against the walls and around fixtures and fittings. This is a job that needs to be carried out professionally for a top quality result that looks and feels perfect, with no gaps and a smooth finish.

Why choose us to install your Carpet Tiles?

FLR Group have been fitting carpet tiles for commercial properties for over 30 years. During that time, we have developed a solid reputation for excellence. Our experienced fitting team offer a fast, friendly and professional service. If you have opted to have carpet tiles fitted, these can be expertly installed around your existing furniture, removing the need to move heavy or delicate fittings or empty your workspace. This means less disruption for you and your business. Our fitting team can also be relied upon to make everything run smoothly, minimising any need for interruption to the daily running of your business. FLR Group fitters are highly professional and have a great deal of experience working to, and meeting, tight deadlines.

Carpet tiles are also a popular choice in educational and health establishments, because they are easier to keep clean (or to replace if necessary) than carpet and are often preferable to having a hard floor. FLR Group fitters are all DBS checked and therefore able to work in sensitive environments, such as schools and nursing homes.

If you want carpet tiles for your business premises, we can supply and expertly install top quality products at a time to suit you.

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