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We offer a huge range of designs, colours and textures from the leading brands.

Why choose carpets

Carpets are a great choice for many businesses as they are comfortable, help to insulate the room and can withstand a great deal of use. They also come in an enormous range of colours, textures and patterns, meaning that they are very versatile when it comes to personalising your working spaces.

Carpets and allergies at work

It is a myth that carpets worsen dust mite allergies. In fact, carpets 'hold on' to dust, trapping it in the fibres until it can be safely vacuumed up. For those employees, customers and clients with dust mite allergies, short tufted carpet pile is suitable. Also, dust mites cannot live in synthetic-backed carpets.

Keeping carpets beautiful

Carpets can be difficult to clean if anything is spilled on them. However, FLR Group specialise in supplying and fitting carpet that is impervious to spills, making them quick and easy to clean. This is particularly important in healthcare and hospitality industries, where spillages are frequent and there is therefore a need for resilient flooring. With proper care and maintenance, carpets can last for many, many years.

Why choose carpets from FLR Group

With so much choice in colour, style and texture it can be difficult to choose a carpet that will suit the decor of your business or home. Our showroom in Solihull has many carpet samples available to help you to decide and our staff are always on hand to help with advice if required.

We know that the idea of fitting a new carpet can be daunting when considering all of the upheaval that this could involve. We have 30 years' experience in fitting flooring and all of our staff are DBS checked, meaning that they can work in sensitive environments such as nursing homes and schools. We can work closely with you to ensure minimum disruption to your working day and we have plenty of experience in working to tight deadlines.

We supply top-quality carpets from well-known, established manufacturers such as Brintons (we are a Brintons Platinum Dealership) and we have been trading for over 30 years.

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