Changing Lives

Nowhere is the quality and safety of flooring more vital than in healthcare. Here at FLR Group, we have more than 40 years experience across the sector, offering unrivalled expertise in the supply and installation of a wide variety of ultra-safe, slip-resistant hospital flooring and healthcare flooring.

We know that to succeed in this sector. Our approach often has to be extremely clinical, from the initial diagnosis of the client’s needs, through treating the problem, to the on-going care of the flooring.

Satisfied clients

We have a track record of successfully helping a wide range of healthcare professionals to improve the appearance and safety of their working environment. Some of the clinicians we’ve delighted over the years include those working in:

If you work in these or other healthcare areas and are thinking about upgrading your flooring or improving its safety, we’re the people to call first.

Experts In Hygiene

It takes experience to fully understand the unique challenges posed by healthcare flooring projects, and we’ve got plenty of it. Our technicians know that work needs to be carried out swiftly, with minimal impact on daily life.

They’re also fully aware of all risk management and infection control issues, and are trained to maintain the highest standards of hygiene throughout a project. Why trust your project to a company that doesn’t have the skills and experience of FLR Group?

Creating a zoning strategy

FLR Group’s design expertise can improve healthcare environments for visitors and staff alike. Different colour and layout schemes for individual areas can have a big impact. Ensuring corridors are easy to navigate and waiting areas are pleasant and comfortable are just two of the ways we can enhance your environment. To discover other ways, just give us a call.

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We pride ourselves on doing more. More than turning up, putting the floor down and just leaving. More than a man, his van and a selection of flooring tiles. We're so much more than the standard contractor.

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