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Few sectors, if any, come with the amount of sensitivities and external considerations that working within healthcare does. In any job we undertake, we aim to keep disruption to the bare minimum – but this is even more important in a healthcare setting.

Whether we’re working on a hospital ward, in a care home or a secure prison unit, we’re never going to be far away from vulnerable patients. Our work simply cannot be allowed to cause them any further distress. Whether it’s keeping noise to a minimum or simply being mindful of people’s privacy at all times, this is work that needs to be completed as respectfully and conscientiously as possible.

It's often work that also needs to be done as quickly as possible. No facility can afford to have beds taken out of action for too long while a replacement floor is laid. The same applies to the specialist rooms we’ve worked in; operating theatres or X-ray rooms, for example.

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Specialists In Healthcare Flooring

Those specialist settings present their own unique problems. The days when one floor fitter could be expected to fit any type of flooring are long gone. There are simply too many technical demands nowadays; too much specialist knowledge required for one person to ever get to grips with.

A care home flooring is a good example of this, as a single space can have multiple, specialist flooring requirements. We make sure all of these are catered for, only ever deploying the right, most technically proficient, people to the job.

Many of the considerations from other sectors are present here too - understanding the logistical challenges of bringing materials into a vast space like a hospital; respecting the need for DBS checks or non-disclosure agreements; and considering the effect that flooring patterns can have on people’s mental wellbeing.

Experts In Hygiene

There’s also the need to seamlessly cater for both a facility’s clinical and aesthetic needs.

We see this a lot nowadays in a host of private clinics; everything from dentists and optometrists through to cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists. Clinically correct but also absolutely on trend, they present a medical environment that is both reassuring and stylish.

Regardless of the setting however, care-giving facilities are intensely private places – and we never lose sight of this.

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