sk:n Clinics
Leading UK Dermatology Provider

Who are sk:n Clinics?

With over 70 nationwide clinics, sk:n is the UK’s largest advanced skincare brand. Since humble beginnings in our hometown Birmingham, the company has come on leaps and bounds from where they first started, back in 1990. From face resurfacing to mole excisions, their extensive list of treatments has made them a staple on the British high street.

Located mostly in central areas, sk:n sees a high footfall all year round. Their luxury but affordable approach, means that clients enter their doors with high expectations. Minimalist interiors and excellent hygiene are just some of the things that characterise sk:n stores, so we would be a seamless fit.

Uncomplicated safety flooring  

New foundations were required for the sk:n clinic treatment rooms. The main objective was uncomplicated safety flooring, delivered to the highest standard. Due to their nature of services, something suitable for healthcare settings was mandatory for sk:n. Polyflor Classic Mystique PUR was the chosen material, which ranks as ‘a global A+ rating in major sectors’.  It provides a multitude of properties which include slip resistance, polish-free maintenance as well as being 100% recyclable.

What actually makes it ‘safe’?  

Though it often goes unnoticed, safety flooring plays a huge role in our daily lives. Commercial spaces that have high footfall and/or are prone to spillages will have some level of safety flooring installed. But what actually makes it ‘safe’? Here are a few features that set it apart from standard flooring:


In contrast to generic floors, safety flooring is designed to prevent bacteria build-up. Because these surfaces do not absorb spillages, they can be wiped clean without fear of lingering germs.


Hazardous chemicals and liquids are no stranger in healthcare settings. It’s crucial that the flooring can survive any harsh spills should they occur. The unpredictably high footfall within these environments also demands extra durability – hence opting for safety flooring.

Slip resistant

You’d be surprised at how little fluid is needed for a surface to become slippery.
Public spaces where this could be the case, such as toilets and bars have to take extra measures to avoid a dangerous situation. Safety flooring incorporates anti-slip technology that acts as a barrier to reduce the chance of an accident.