Hygienic Wall Cladding

Antimicrobial Wall Cladding

In addition to commercial safety flooring, our team are very well versed in antimicrobial hygienic wall cladding. Whether for a restaurant's kitchen or hospital ward, we can help protect the people on your premises.

Hygienic Wall Cladding - An Alternative To Tiles

Hygienic Wall Cladding is a great alternative to tiles. Hygienic environments are now an essential requirement of many healthcare, education and hospitality premises. A growing amount of health and safety legislation, as well as a number of high profile prosecutions where an unhygienic kitchen has led to food poisoning or similar issues, means that ensuring walls, floors, fixtures and equipment demonstrate the very highest standards of cleanliness is always a priority. A popular contemporary solution to the build-up of dirt and bacteria which traditional tiles and grout can present is to use a PVCu wall cladding product.

PVCu Cladding

The porous nature of grout can make it an ideal location for germs, dust and grime to accumulate. When a modern PVCu hygienic wall cladding product is used, there is no need for grout and the wall surface presents as one smooth, continuous surface. This makes cleaning much easier and ensures that environments where food is handled or contamination prevention is paramount are fit for purpose.

Altro Whiterock Cladding

Unlike some alternatives to tiles, Altro Whiterock is a hygienic wall cladding product that comes in a universally appealing white which ensures it looks good in any interior design setting. Not only does white give an appealing fresh appearance to walls, it enables dirt to be quickly spotted and eliminated.

Safety Walls for Food

Altro Whiterock is formulated to be safe for use in areas where food will be handled, as it has a food safe composition. It can be heated up to 60°C with no ill-effects and is inert enough to cope with a wide range of cleaning detergents without suffering from any ill-effects. Great when combined with safety flooring for restaurants.

Wall Cladding Fitters

Our highly-skilled team of installation professionals can ensure that your cladding is properly fitted and provides a functional and attractive backdrop to your working premises. All our staff are DBS checked and with over three decades of experience in the industry, we’ve got the expertise to find solutions to any tricky wall problems you’ve been struggling with. The longevity and durability of PVCu cladding combines with its excellent functional attributes to give a product which satisfies the most demanding specification. To find out how we can help, please get in touch.

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