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We have supplied and fitted commercial grade flooring for hundreds of supermarkets across the UK. You have probably walked over many floors we have laid, as you go about your regular shop.

Professional Flooring Fitters

We know how carefully planned a supermarket refurb or build must be, with every mistake or delay costing massively. Everything must be treated and delivered with professionalism.

Our directly-employed team of fitters have all the necessary accreditations, certifications and background checks. Combined with years (decades, in some cases) of experience, our team provide industry-leading floor laying services. We find this is a perfect match with the high demands of supermarket refurbs and explains why our clients keep working with us on new projects.

Many Specialist Floors

Modern supermarkets have many different zones and areas, from entrances to isles, toilets to staff rooms and storage. Each zone often has very specific requirements, from anti-slip frictional coefficients to acoustic properties and durability. Our surveyors and fitters understand these specific requirements and can help specify and supply the exact type of flooring needed in each zone.

Design & Demarcation

Beyond the physical properties, flooring can also be used as an effective method of demarcation. We can work with you to design and plan the flooring to improve the experience of your customers and staff as they navigate the store.

Whether you want to provide obvious emergency exit routing, or distinct design differences between clothing and home wares, we can help design the floor to suit.

Cafés, Bakeries & Meat Counters

Whilst they seem so common these days, it's easy to overlook the complexities of so many different specialist areas in a supermarket. Cafés, bakeries and the various areas have various different requirements and properties that can be easily overlooked.

However, with our experience in commercial flooring across so many sectors, we are specialists in most. This means that we can quickly accommodate, support and advise you on the project.

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