Delta Hotels Warwick
New Corridor Carpets

The Challenge

When the Delta Hotel in Warwickshire, previously known as the Hilton Hotel Warwick, needed a swift transformation of their main corridor, they turned to us at FLR Group. Our mission? To install a new, stylish carpet within a week, enhancing the space used heavily by both staff and conference attendees.

The existing corridor carpet was dated and littered with stains—a poor match for the hotel's prestigious setting. With the renovation scheduled during a busy period, the project demanded speed without compromising on quality.

The Project

We selected a robust, modern carpet that promised both style and durability. Preparation began with a primer on the subfloor, followed by an underfelt layer that would underpin the new look with comfort and longevity. The adhesive was then applied, setting the stage for the carpet installation.

Our team of four skilled fitters arrived on-site ready to tackle the challenge head-on. Starting with the essential groundwork, they swiftly moved through each phase, ensuring the subfloor was perfectly prepped before rolling out the new carpet.

We've Got It Covered

Completed on time, the new corridor now sports a contemporary design that is not only visually appealing but also practical, offering a premium feel underfoot. The transformation has significantly uplifted the area, aligning it with the Delta Hotel's high standards.

This quick turnaround project at the Delta Hotel showcases our ability at FLR Group to deliver high-quality results under pressure. It's a testament to our dedication to meeting client needs with efficiency and expertise, ensuring that every space we touch turns into a perfect blend of form and function, ready for its guests to enjoy.