Sports Flooring at
Bilton Grange

Sports Floors

At FLR Group, we recently completed an exciting transformation of the sports hall at Bilton Grange Preparatory School, part of the prestigious Rugby School Group. This project was especially rewarding, as it allowed us to refresh a space that had served the school community for over four decades.

The existing flooring at Bilton Grange had been well-loved and heavily used for more than 40 years and was in urgent need of an update. The school was eager to modernise the look and feel of their sports hall with a flooring solution that would be both practical and visually appealing.

The Project

We proposed a wood vinyl flooring from Gerflor, a leader in sports flooring solutions. This choice promised durability and a fresh, modern aesthetic that would transform the space. The wood vinyl effect was selected to brighten and visually enlarge the area, making it a more inviting space for students and staff alike.

It took just over a week and a half to remove the old flooring and install the new high quality vinyl school flooring. We worked closely with the school staff, ensuring minimal disruption to the school's daily routines.

In the final stretch, we partnered with Biddle Sports for the precise application of top-tier line markings. Their expertise helped us complete the installation on the last day, just in time for the new term.

We've Got It Covered

The transformation was met with excitement from both the staff and students of Bilton Grange. The new floor not only brightens the space but also provides a high-performance surface suitable for various sports activities.

This project is a testament to our ongoing relationship with Rugby School. Having worked with them for over a decade, we're proud to say that this was yet another successful collaboration, and we look forward to future projects, continuing to support their evolving needs.