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School Gyms & Sports Halls

The school gym and sports halls are some of the toughest surfaces to get right. They have to take a beating, protect your students when they’re at their most vulnerable, serve as an impromptu prize-giving venue and more. So the flooring has to stand up to serious abuse and maintain its shine.

School Sports Hall Floors

In fact, school sports hall flooring faces more stresses and strains than the students going for gold. They face heavy traffic, constant harsh impacts that you just don’t get in other parts of the school as heavy equipment is put in place, and it must cushion the odd landing when a student gets it wrong. Through all this the surface must stay straight and true, because a ball bouncing off at a weird angle can ruin the game, and it must remain slip resistant to protect your students from injuries. So just like your sports teams, you need to know your hall floor fitters are on top of their game.

Durable & Safe

There are a variety of options available to you, but with Health and Safety assuming ever increasing importance, and rightly so, many schools are opting for a durable rubber finish that offers the most protection in the case of a slip or fall.

Even here there are options, which your hall floor contractors can explain, as the rubber can be laid on top of foundations and effectively poured in to create a perfectly self-levelling solution that will last for many years if you maintain it right. We can also advise on interlocking tiles that offer a cheaper alternative that can be just as effective in the right circumstances.

Quieter Sports Halls

Rubber offers a variety of advantages. Of course, the main one is that it protects your students. It also offers a level of acoustic damping that you just cannot get from other materials without building up layers of sound insulation that can end up costing more. So if your gym is adjacent to your teaching areas, as is the case in many modern inner city schools, and the constant sound is a problem, then something as simple as a rubber floor could fix all your problems at a stroke.


Rubber floors are also easy to clean, durable, slip resistant and they also offer excellent protection against bacteria. The non-porous surface also helps maintain clean air in your gym and contributes to a healthier school.

Don’t think you’re limited to rubber, though. Many schools prefer the shine of a hardwood finish, and our expert gym-floor installers can help bring the high-gloss gym floors you see on TV into your school. You can even combine the look and feel of a hardwood floor with the shock absorbance and protection of rubber underfloor protection.

Branded Sports Halls

We never forget design, too, as the sports hall is a public calling card for your school. So if you want your school badge or motto emblazoned across your hall floor, or even your school colours represented with pride, we can help you.

If you’re lost in the maze of potential school gym flooring solutions, get in touch today and let us give you the gym of your dreams.

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