Kitchen Revamp at
Wheelers Lane

Local Work

Wheelers Lane Technology College had a commercial kitchen floor that was showing its age. Outdated and weary, it needed a makeover – and with the summer break ahead, the timing was ideal. The college wanted a local Birmingham touch, with professional finesse.

Being Birmingham's leading flooring experts, FLR Group was ready for the task. We appreciate our city's demands, and we understand the essential blend of safety and style, especially for an institution moulding our future generation.

Within those precious six weeks of the holiday, we bade farewell to the dated floor and ushered in a superior, contemporary surface. It's not just about aesthetics; this new safety flooring offers excellent traction, ensuring safety during those busy kitchen hours.

The Project

This wasn't a run-of-the-mill task. The project had its share of cap and cove intricacies, but that’s where our expertise shone. With precision, we crafted those intricate cuts around the drains, ensuring everything was snug and secure.

For a flawless finish, we temporarily repositioned the appliances. This allowed us to replace every inch of the flooring with care. And once done, we restored everything to its place, primed for the term’s commencement.

We've Got It Covered

When Wheelers Lane Technology College required a blend of local know-how and professional execution for their kitchen floor overhaul, FLR Group was the natural choice.

Our commitment to quality and our Birmingham roots ensured that the job was done right – setting the stage for culinary creations and bustling school days.