Gym Flooring

Giving Your Floor A Workout

It's not just your members who get a workout, so does your floor! Heavy weights, HIIT classes & more. We can help you select and install a tough floor that keeps going, like your members.

Flooring For Your Gym

Are you looking for some rubber matting for your weights area, safety flooring for your changing rooms or luxurious carpet/vinyl in your reception?

Our team of surveyors and fitters will be able to help guide you through the various options and the best flooring for each area of your gym. Whilst we are very experienced with gyms and leisure centres, we are experts in all sectors  of commercial flooring.

This means our team can help design, supply and fit the best floor to suit each facility you offer, rather than just the heavy duty rubber.

Gym Rubber Flooring

A unique type of flooring specifically designed for leisure use. These types of rubber flooring are extremely tough and durable, withstanding heavy footfall, heavy machines and heavy weights.

The thick rubber floors also provide cushion to your members underfoot, to reduce impact. Rubber also has great acoustic properties and can help reduce the noise of a gym when compared to harder floors, such as hardwood.

Gym Floor Matting

For the most heavy duty parts of the gym, the weights area, rubber matting/tiles are essential. These provide the best protection from dropped weights and heavy impacts.

Unlike rubber floor rolls, matting helps dissipate the shock and noise of impact. This helps prevent damage to the floor underneath, especially when the weights room is above ground level.

Changing Room Safety Flooring

Just as the weights room requires specialist flooring, so does a changing room. With the combination of showers, sweat and bare feet it's very important to use non-slip safety flooring.

These floors are designed to maintain good friction, even when wet, and can be used throughout the changing rooms.

Reception Floors

Not to be overlooked, the reception and hallways of a gym can be carefully designed to create a great looking gym. Luxury Vinyl Tiles are often a great choice for these rooms, combining the look of hardwood, stone or more exotic materials with a floor that's long-lasting and easy to maintain.

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