New Sports Flooring
At Draycott Table Tennis Centre

The Challenge

At FLR Group, we recognise the significance of a durable and fit-for-purpose sports floor. When Draycott Table Tennis Centre sought our expertise to rejuvenate their ageing sports flooring, we were ready.

Over time, Draycott’s sports flooring had seen extensive use, leading to visible wear and tear. Its diminished state could soon become a concern for both aesthetics and the safety of those using the facility.

The rapid movements and intense pace of table tennis is very tough on floors. We needed to ensure the new sports flooring could withstand the test of time.

The Solution

We selected Forbo’s top-grade vinyl flooring. Known for its longevity and polished appearance, it will take every game and intense rally in its stride.

The Process

  1. Removal of Old Flooring: The project commenced with our team diligently removing the worn-out sports flooring, leaving behind a pristine base.
  2. Floor Preparation: Every successful flooring project needs a seamless and primed surface. We meticulously readied the base, addressing any irregularities. This created a perfectly flat and smooth surface for the vinyl sports flooring.
  3. Laying the Vinyl: Our team precisely fitted the Forbo vinyl roll. The rolls had to line up exactly.
  4. Rolling for Perfection: With specialist rollers, we achieved a firm bond between the vinyl and the floor, ensuring a flawless finish.

We've Got It Covered

Once completed, Draycott Table Tennis Centre was transformed. We think the new sports flooring looks fantastic, and will last for many years and thousands of games.

Feedback from players and staff was great, praising both the material's quality and our professional installation.

At FLR Group, commitment to top-tier results is at our core. Whether it's a small adjustment or a major flooring transformation, we've got it covered.

Draycott Table Tennis Centre's refurbished floor is the standard we aim for with every job - creating a stylish floor, fit for purpose, that will last for years to come.