The Fat Olive
Bridgnorth Tapas Bar

Renovating Flooring at The Fat Olive

At FLR Group, we believe in more than just delivering commercial flooring solutions. It's about breathing new life into spaces while respecting their historical significance.

Our recent project at The Fat Olive, a charming tapas bar and restaurant in Bridgnorth, is a great example of this.

Nestled in a listed building, this project called for a careful balance between maintaining the historical charm and introducing modern, safe, and enduring flooring solutions.

The Dining Room

The dining room, a blend of history and culture, required a delicate approach. Our task was to replace a worn part of the flooring, while leaving the original hard wood floor untouched. We chose modern carpet tiles. Not just an attractive flooring, these tiles also offered durability and low-maintenance – an essential consideration for any bustling restaurant.

The Kitchen

The kitchen, the beating heart of The Fat Olive, required a focus on safety and resilience. With an understanding of the high-traffic and risk involved in such areas, we replaced the old kitchen flooring with superior safety flooring. The new installation will hopefully mean fewer slips and mishaps, even in the rush of service hours. The robust flooring will also be easy to clean and maintain. Ideal in such a compact and busy kitchen space.

The Entrance Hallway and Stairs

The entrance hallway, albeit small, serves as the gateway to the restaurant and bar upstairs. We took the opportunity to create a welcoming first impression by fitting new carpet on the stairs, along with complementary nosings. This not only provided a nice facelift for the area, but also made it safer for patrons and staff, reducing the risk of slips and trips.

The Toilets

Finally, we turned our attention to the toilets, where hygiene and safety are paramount. The old flooring was replaced with sturdy, slip-resistant safety flooring. This change ensured an easy-to-clean, hygienic environment that could withstand the demands of a busy establishment.


Throughout our work at The Fat Olive, we carefully navigated between respecting its historical aura and fulfilling the need for modern, secure and stylish flooring. From aesthetic design to functional safety, we've got it covered.

Sam, the restaurant owner, is thrilled with the outcome, reminding us why we always aim to be more than just a flooring contractor.