Waverley School
New Classroom & Toilet Floors

A Ground Up Refresh

Waverley School, situated in Birmingham, stands as a beacon for growth and evolution.

As part of a planned upgrade, the school saw the need to refurbish a number of rooms with new flooring.

The Challenge

Classrooms - Replace aging classroom carpet tiles with new durable tiles with modern designs

Toilets - Rip up the aging safety flooring in the toilets and replace it with a fresh and vibrant safety floor that will stand the test of time

Timing - The summer break presented a window — a chance to transform the school flooring without disturbing the staff or students

The Flooring

With the summer sun shining bright, we got to work. As Waverley School enjoyed a brief respite, our teams transformed its interiors. Including removing the old flooring, preparing the surfaces for a perfect underfloor and laying the new floor with precision.


Our quest for the right carpet tiles wasn't just about aesthetics. We aimed for tiles that, aside from being contemporary, were built to last, considering the hustle and bustle of daily school activities.


Safety and style had to go hand in hand. Enter safety vinyl flooring. Known for its durability, easy maintenance, and safety features, it promised to be the ideal fit for a school's requirements.

We've Got It Covered

Upon project completion, the transformation was evident. The classrooms exuded a renewed vigour, ready to inspire fresh batches of eager minds. The toilets, now boasting safety vinyl, combined sleek design with safety functionality.

Our work at Waverley School showcases the professionalism we bring to every job. No matter what the job, we've got it covered.