Chiropractic Clinic

Trusted healthcare provider

Established in 1989 by John Lange and David Evans, Dorridge Chiropractic Clinic are a trusted service provider. Based in Solihull, they offer a range of specialist services to the local community and those further afield. Their experienced Chiropractors treat problems with joints, bones and muscles, mainly focusing on the spine. As a primary health-care setting, Dorridge Chiropractic Clinic are consistently required to meet the needs of their users.

No more damp flooring

The clinic was experiencing several issues with the vinyl flooring in their treatment rooms. Moisture had come in from an external wall and caused existing latex screed to blow, this then created changes in levels and potential trip hazards. This can be particularly dangerous for healthcare flooring, where both patients and staff are at-risk of injury.

Following the removal of existing flooring the problem was identified and resolved by the builder using damp protection.

Our operatives worked alongside the builders to ensure that the new safety flooring was carefully installed and delivered on time.

Due to this project being in a basement setting we used the following process to ensure the new flooring was solid and stays free from any problems in the future.

The build up consisted of using a damp proof membrane before installing a new 3mm latex screed using Ardex NA latex in preparation for new vinyl sheet.

We opted to use Polysafe Standard to replace the existing flooring due to its slip resistance and aesthetic properties. The new safety flooring offered a contrast to the existing flooring and created defined sections to the clinic.

What they said about FLR?

‘We run a busy Chiropractic clinic. A damp problem caused extensive damage to our existing vinyl flooring. FLR had the expertise and skill to protect the new flooring from further water damage and the patience to work alongside the damp protection builders. The fitters and project manager from FLR were a joy to work with’

John Lange MSc