Office Flooring
at FLR Group

Investing in our workspace

In the heart of Birmingham, we at FLR Group took on an exciting challenge: transforming our own office space. It's been quite the journey, and we're chuffed to share it with you.

Starting with our reception and downstairs office, we've embraced nature. Our choice of biophilic carpet tiles is like bringing a slice of the outdoors right inside. Teamed with a selection of plants, it's a lush, natural haven – a proper welcoming space for anyone walking in.

Showing Off

Our main showroom is where we really show off our flair. Mixing carpet with vinyl tiles, we've created a contemporary, stylish area. This isn't just any showroom; it's where our pool table, sample stand, and kitchen area come together, making it the perfect spot for both work and a bit of fun.

Heading upstairs, we've blended vinyl planks with carpet tiles on the landing and stairs. This mix gives a wonderful textured feel, making every step a bit more interesting.

We've Got It Covered

In our MD Jeff's office, we've gone a step further. Using wood-effect vinyl planks on the walls, we've added a touch of elegance and warmth. It's a bold, creative choice that really shows off what we can do.

We're more than happy with how it's all turned out. Our office now isn't just a place to work; it's a space we're proud of, a space that inspires us every day. It's a proper testament to what FLR Group is all about – innovation, style, and a bit of Birmingham charm.