Sign Specialists

Who are Sign Specialists?

Sign Specialists is a reputable signage company based in Redditch, that offers a wide range of sign-making and installation services to businesses and organisations. With years of experience in the industry, the company prides itself on delivering high-quality, bespoke signage solutions, that meet the unique needs of its clients. 

Stylish and functional flooring

The company have undergone renovations at their premises in Redditch. We were commissioned to help transform the office flooring of their reception space.

The project involved removing the existing flooring and preparing the subfloor for the installation of the vinyl flooring. Our team of experienced installers then fitted the vinyl flooring using a high-quality adhesive, ensuring a seamless and professional finish. 

The vinyl flooring that was chosen for the project is a popular and durable option for commercial spaces, as it is easy to clean, slip-resistant, and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Additionally, the flooring has a modern and sleek appearance, which compliments the overall aesthetic of the office and reception area. 

FLR's installation team worked closely with Sign Specialists to ensure that the project was completed on time and within budget, while also minimising disruption to the business's daily operations. The result is a stylish and functional flooring solution that is sure to impress visitors and employees. 

Your reception matters

A welcoming reception space in your office is important as it creates a positive and professional image for visitors and improves the overall working environment for employees. It's the first thing visitors see, so a well-designed reception area can make them feel valued and comfortable. Additionally, employees are likely to be happier, more motivated, and productive in a comfortable and attractive workspace. Investing in your reception area can have a lasting positive impact on visitors and employees.