The Green House
At Digbeth

Managed Offices Needing A Refresh

The Green House, a bustling managed service office facility in Digbeth, had communal spaces across three floors that needed revitalising. The existing carpets were showing signs of wear, and a fresh, modern touch was in order.

The Approach

We chose Milliken carpet tiles for their blend of durability and style. These tiles were the perfect choice to give the spaces a contemporary appearance, ensuring both visual appeal and long-term wear. We considering both aesthetics and function.

The Brief & Challenge

Our team's approach was meticulous from start to finish. We coordinated with The Green House management to minimise disruption and ensure a smooth process. Old carpets were removed, and the new tiles were laid with precision.

The transformation was significant. The corridors and shared spaces now exude modern elegance. Feedback from both management and tenants has been overwhelmingly positive. The renewed office floors are not just visually appealing but also more functional, comfortable, and aligned with the building's character.

We've Got It Covered

The Green House project stands as a proud example of FLR Group's ability to provide tailored flooring solutions that resonate with the needs and style of a space.

With Milliken carpet tiles, we infused freshness and modernity into a well-trafficked environment, meeting the expectations of all involved. The successful execution of this project showcases our commitment to quality materials, precise installation, and overall project excellence.

Whether a small office or a large commercial space, we bring the same level of dedication and craftsmanship to every task.